Randy’s strong support of...

Law Enforcement has earned him the Endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police: Arizona State Lodge, representing more than 6,500 active and retired law enforcement professionals throughout Arizona.

the Border Patrol and his work to secure our borders, has earned him the Endorsement of National Border Patrol Council, Local #2544, representing the more than 2,500 Border Patrol agents in the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector. Local #2544 is the largest Local of the entire Border Patrol and covers most of Arizona. He is also endorsed by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC and Team America PAC.

…our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, has earned him the Endorsements of the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund and Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

small business has earned him the Endorsements of the Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business PAC.

...Women’s issues has earned him the Endorsements of the Concerned Women for America Endorsement PAC and the Eagle Forum PAC.

...protecting innocent human life has earned him the Endorsements of the National Right to Life Committee and the Arizona Right to Life PAC.

...traditional Republican values has earned him the Endorsements of the Arizona Republican Assembly and the PAChyderm Coalition.

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Debates, Candidate Forums and More
Events Scheduled

Debates begin Tuesday, October 17th!

The calendar is filling up with exciting events as we make our way towards November! Please be sure to check out the events schedule and make plans to come out and support Randy! We hope to see ALL of you at as many events as possible.

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U.S. Senator John McCain Endorses Randy Graf for Congress

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today announced his endorsement of Randy Graf, former member of the Arizona House of Representatives, as the next Congressional representative from Arizona’s 8th district.

”Randy Graf’s record as a state representative has demonstrated his commitment to the values important to the people of Arizona,” McCain said. “His voting record on issues such as supporting our military, reducing taxes, and reigning in election and welfare fraud bodes well for his future in the U.S. Congress. I urge the voters of the 8th district to support him on November 7th. It would be a pleasure to work with him in Washington.”

Randy Graf calls Senator McCain’s endorsement “a great honor.”

“John McCain has served this nation with amazing courage and great dignity,” Graf said. “He is a shining example of public service. Senator McCain has always been driven by courage and duty, never by self-gain. I am grateful for his expression of faith in me.”

McCain’s unwavering support of U.S. military troops is one of several key election issues important to both men. “The war on terror, which is being fought not just in Iraq but in many places around the globe, is a great challenge for our men and women in uniform,” says Graf. “This is no time to abandon them. I share John McCain’s determination to provide them with everything they need in this struggle against terrorism.”

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Latest Polling News Confirms Randy’s Momentum!

The latest polling released on October 4 shows that Randy continues to rapidly close the gap with Gabrielle Giffords. A poll released by the Giffords campaign on September 20 showed Giffords up by 19 points with 54 percent of the vote. Four days later, the Arizona Daily Star released a poll showing that Giffords lead had been cut to 12 points, and that Gabby’s support had dropped to 48%. Now, in the latest polling conducted by Reuters and Zogby Intl., Randy has cut Giffords lead to single digits!

The latest polling shows Randy down only 8 points at 45% - 37%. As voters have gotten to know Gabby’s liberal voting record, her support has continued to slip away. The Reuters/Zogby poll has a margin of error of up to 4.5%, so Randy could actually be within 3.5 points of Giffords. Before any one-on-one debates between Randy and Giffords have begun, the momentum has clearly swung behind Randy. But this good news does not mean that Graf supporters can now rest. As Graf campaign manager R.T. Gregg stated after seeing the latest polls, “We must continue to work hard to ensure victory in November.”

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Graf Calls On Giffords to Take a Stand on Proposition 103

(Tucson, AZ) Randy Graf, the Republican nominee to replace retiring US Congressman Jim Kolbe, has challenged his opponent, Gabrielle Giffords to announce her position on Proposition 103, a referendum that would declare English as the official language of Arizona.

This challenge comes in response to Giffords’ appearance before military veterans and their spouses last week. The Democratic nominee for CD8 was asked, “Why can’t you make a 10-word law? English is the language of the United States of America.” Giffords avoided a direct answer by saying, “we don’t do enough to make sure people speak not just English, but proper English.”

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Graf Supports Push for Children's Hospital in Southern Arizona

(Tucson, AZ) Randy Graf, the Republican nominee to replace retiring US Congressman Jim Kolbe, stated his strong support today for an effort to bring a children’s hospital to Southern Arizona. Currently, the Phoenix area is the only part of the state with children’s hospitals that deal with many of the state’s child-specific medical emergencies. Consequently, many of southern Arizona’s children must be rushed to Phoenix by ambulance or Medevac when facing emergency and long-term healthcare crises.

To solve this child healthcare deficiency, an effort is taking place to bring a full-service children’s hospital to the Tucson area funded solely through private donations. Randy Graf is excited by the possibility of a Children’s Hospital here to serve his own grandson and other children in times of need. Graf stated: “We all dread the thought of having to bring our children to the hospital for emergency care, but it will be very comforting to know that in times of need, we have the facilities right here in our community to help our children during medical emergencies.”

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Graf Receives Wide Support from National GOP

(Tucson, AZ) Randy Graf, the Republican nominee to replace retiring US Congressman Jim Kolbe, was pleased to announce that the national Republican Party and its leaders have come together to support his campaign. After winning the Republican Primary for the Eighth Congressional District of Arizona on September 12, 2006, Randy flew out to Washington, D.C. the following day to meet with national party leaders who have pledged their support and promised to help Randy’s campaign collect the needed resources in order to win the general election on November 7, 2006.

Among those who Randy met with and who promised help were Republican Party leaders in the US House of Representatives and Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. House leaders who pledged their support in meetings with Randy Graf include Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois, Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri, Chief Deputy Majority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, Deputy Majority Whip Tom Feeney of Florida, Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana, and NRCC Chairman Thomas M. Reynolds of New York. Each of these national party and Congressional leaders offered their support and many gave financial contributions to the Randy Graf for Congress campaign. Along with the support of national Republican leaders, Randy has received the support and endorsements of Senator Jon Kyl, and Congressmen Jeff Flake, Trent Franks, J.D. Hayworth, Rick Renzi, and John Shadegg of Arizona.

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Graf returns from D.C. with funds, support lined up

By Daniel Scarpinato
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 09.17.2006

Fresh off a plane from Washington, D.C., Congressional District 8 candidate Randy Graf was greeted by about 50 supporters Saturday at Tucson International Airport, bolstered, he said, by financial and moral support from national-level Republicans.
Surrounded by flowers, American flags and balloons, Graf told the crowd "everyone's on board," and said fellow party members, including Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, "impressed on me how important this seat is."
Graf returns having raised more than $20,000 to take on Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, with another $100,000 pledged, his campaign says.
"We have been blessed to be able to pull everything together here, and within 48 hours we had calls from our entire congressional delegation

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(12 September) Randy Graf accepted the Republican nomination for Congress in Arizona's 8th Congressional District. With 99.7% of the precincts reporting, Randy Graf leads with 43.2% of the vote. His closest rival trails by 6 percentage points. Randy thanks the voters for their trust and thanks those who have worked so hard to support him.


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Randy returns from a successful trip to D.C. and is met by supporters

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